Bunny’s take over 10/05/17

This morning wasn’t really any different to any other day.
I’m awake, I play for a little while until I hear some movement from Mama and Daddy’s room. Then I whinge until someone appears. This morning it was Mama who came to get me.
After a quick chill on their bed I clamber down ready to start trashing the joint. My favourite is to empty all the drawers but I had no time for that this morning.
As soon as that door opens though, I’m outta here. Straight into Sis’s room. I shout her a few times to wake her up. God I’ve missed her. Sis has like the coolest toys ever.

What the… Daddy’s just tried to shoved one of the bristly sticks in my mouth. Bloody hell mate, back off, I only have 7 teeth. You want to start brushing your own teeth in a morning before you start on me.

I get bundled downstairs and strapped into the highchair BUT the tunes are on, get in. Can’t beat having a few tunes blasting out whilst you eat your brekkie.
Eurgh, it’s the ads again, I give Dad the shout and point to let him know he needs to sort this out. Where’s Sis when you need her, she knows the score. Proper good You Tube DJ is our Sis.

When I’ve had enough of shitty toast, I throw it around with a squawk for effect. (Daddy literally can NOT stand that noise, pure brilliance on my part!) The dogs will eat it anyway. A sip of water too then I can launch my cup under the table.
Then I just bide my time. Annnnnd as Mama sits down with her breakfast and a brew it’s game on. I cry, kick and scream until she gets me out.
No-one can stand my screamy crying, instant result.

Mama’s just told me I’m going to Mel’s. “Nana” I tell her. I want to go to Nana’s. Don’t get me wrong Mel’s is awesome once I’ve got over Mama fucking off and leaving me with a complete stranger. (Well she’s not really a stranger anymore.) But Nana, well she has an endless supply of food- biscuits and fruit pots. Lets me play with the fruit out of the fruit bowl, then still makes everyone eat it (ha) BUT Nana, well she has cats.
OMG howww AWESOME are cats! They are soooo fluffy and meow and I can grab their tail and pull it AND if you say “ch, ch, ch” they come to you. So cute.
I want to go to Nana’s.

Anyway, the past few days I haven’t really felt like getting dressed so just to really fuck things up I’ve not let Mama dress me. Pahaha, I know right. So as she puts the vest over my head I put my hands up and push it back off. I also scream until I get red in the face just to let her know it’s game on.
I’m really going for it today. She even whipped my nappy off not realising I’d poo’ed, hahaha. But now Daddy’s involved. FFS. I’ve been manhandled into my clothes but I’m abit tired from all this creating now. I’ll give Mama a snuggle I think.



It suddenly dawned on me

Today I lay on the rug with Bunny whilst she was drinking her milk. And I just happened to notice her hands holding her bottle.

How big they’ve got.

Chubby, squishy toddler hands. No longer delicate, little baby hands.

This week I’ve really noticed things she’s picking up on and is pointing out. Like at school pick up the other day, we were early so went to sit on the bench in the playground. She pointed over to where we normally wait and said “Sis”.
Tonight at bedtime she finished her milk, passed me her bottle and said “Na’night”.
How she regularly answers yes or no.

On the way home from school today we stopped off at the park. The Wildcat unexpectedly saw her school friend. They ran upto each other and hugged like teenagers do!
At home, she was showing my her uber wobbly tooth. (Which completely cringes me out by the way!)

And it suddenly dawned on me, how did we get to this point?
Chubby, toddler hands, an understanding of the world and a growing independence.
School uniform, wobbly teeth and friendships she’s formed all by herself.


I have no idea how we’ve got to this point but we have.

One Mam and her Squad: Stacey’s Baby Forget Me Not’s Review


Once my little boy had grown out of his first baby grows and clothes, I couldn’t bear to put them away in a box. So I found a company on Facebook who use clothes to make lovely soft toys and blankets. I looked through the large collection of different animals that they make and chose a lion. I also opted for the large version-they have two size options. I then received an email with instructions of where to send my little ones clothes to.

Once I had sent them off and they had been received, I had email confirmation and an estimated turn around time of 8-10 weeks. This seems like a long time but if you see the items they make you will understand why. I couldn’t wait to see the finished lion!

Around 8 weeks later a large box arrived at my door and sitting inside was the most beautiful lion. He was so much bigger than I expected! I am absolutely over the moon with him, the quality and thought gone into the design is amazing. I love having those teeny tiny clothes on show! My little boy loves him but has been told to keep the drool away from him!

I would definitely recommend Baby Forget Me Not’s if you are wondering what to do with your little ones clothes. If you are unsure just take a look at their Facebook page and you will see the lovely items they have made. I would certainly use then again.


staceys lion 2      staceys lion



Welcome to the world Bunny

At 41 +2 I decided it was time to really go hard with the ‘get my baby out of here’ methods.
So as requested by my Facebook followers, I posted a video of a rather strenuous dance routine to Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s Push it. (I thought this was the most appropriate song choice!)

The following evening I woke at 2 am with contractions lasting 10 minutes apart…

They weren’t yet painful so I did my make up… yes, I was determined to be slightly more glamourous this time…, had something to eat and waited at home for a few more hours before heading to the Maternity unit 45 mins away.
The pain was starting to get pretty intense as we headed down the motorway and as we pulled up outside the hospital at around 7am, it was pretty much all systems go.

At 11.15am our little Bunny burst into the world, all 8lb 8oz of her and I have never been so relieved in my whole entire life!!!

We were home by 7.30 that evening and her extremely excited big sister was the first person to meet her.