Welcome to the world Bunny

At 41 +2 I decided it was time to really go hard with the ‘get my baby out of here’ methods.
So as requested by my Facebook followers, I posted a video of a rather strenuous dance routine to Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s Push it. (I thought this was the most appropriate song choice!)

The following evening I woke at 2 am with contractions lasting 10 minutes apart…

They weren’t yet painful so I did my make up… yes, I was determined to be slightly more glamourous this time…, had something to eat and waited at home for a few more hours before heading to the Maternity unit 45 mins away.
The pain was starting to get pretty intense as we headed down the motorway and as we pulled up outside the hospital at around 7am, it was pretty much all systems go.

At 11.15am our little Bunny burst into the world, all 8lb 8oz of her and I have never been so relieved in my whole entire life!!!

We were home by 7.30 that evening and her extremely excited big sister was the first person to meet her.


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