Rockin’ the s**t out of still being a person too!

If this isn’t Mam style then I don’t know what is!!

Fascinator: Borrowed from Mum.
Shoes: Irregular choice- Had for years.
Jewellery: Swarovski- from my wedding.
Bag- Borrowed.
Belt- Off another dress.
The Dress: £10 from Asda.

But the prices that really matter:
A day without the kids, drinking prosecco with my bestie, watching the races and Olly Murs: Priceless and (it was) well overdue.
Laughs with my bestie: Priceless.
More legendary memories, (yep you guessed it) with my bestie: Priceless.

You have to take time out for yourself. To remember who you were before kids- who you can still be. To just have a goddamn break from the constant-ness of these energy stealing little people. To relax and live a little.
To remember that despite being a parent, you’re still a person too 😘

Here is me rockin the shit out of still being a person too


From the I’m Mama not Mummy Archives: Relish the charms of the present

July 2013

Daddy has brought me and the Wildcat breakfast in bed on his way out to work.

We are sat up in bed eating, (cereal bar for me and Weetabix breakfast biscuits for the Wildcat) when she lies her head on my lap and simply says

“you my best friend”

I will never, ever forget this moment.


It suddenly dawned on me

Today I lay on the rug with Bunny whilst she was drinking her milk. And I just happened to notice her hands holding her bottle.

How big they’ve got.

Chubby, squishy toddler hands. No longer delicate, little baby hands.

This week I’ve really noticed things she’s picking up on and is pointing out. Like at school pick up the other day, we were early so went to sit on the bench in the playground. She pointed over to where we normally wait and said “Sis”.
Tonight at bedtime she finished her milk, passed me her bottle and said “Na’night”.
How she regularly answers yes or no.

On the way home from school today we stopped off at the park. The Wildcat unexpectedly saw her school friend. They ran upto each other and hugged like teenagers do!
At home, she was showing my her uber wobbly tooth. (Which completely cringes me out by the way!)

And it suddenly dawned on me, how did we get to this point?
Chubby, toddler hands, an understanding of the world and a growing independence.
School uniform, wobbly teeth and friendships she’s formed all by herself.


I have no idea how we’ve got to this point but we have.

February Round Up

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

‘Enjoy their cuddles, they’re not little for long’.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And also a little off reality.

You never hear anyone saying;

“awww I miss those flying headbutts off the baby when she was climbing all over me.”

“ooo what I would do for just one more chance for little Bunny to constantly clamber on and off my knee whilst swinging from my hair and ragging my top down to flash my boobs to everyone in the room.”

“I do so miss the screaming the minute I stood up or tried to leave the room.”

I love my kids cuddles… the ones where I have to scoop them up and squeeze them as they protest. The impromptu ones they give me. The ones when they’re upset and the ones when they’re happy.
But sometimes life gets in the way and you just can’t be present constantly. Not only would it be exhausting but I’m pretty sure you’d go insane.

Our kids are wonderful, amazing creatures, if a little weird, but sometimes we just need a break. Sometimes, LIKE THEM, we don’t want a cuddle. We are busy and have a million and one things to do. Sometime we don’t want to be pulled and pushed and clambered on.
And do you know what, this is OKAY!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And also a little off reality.



I work out

Getting up at 5.55am three times a week to get to the gym for 6.30am is bloody hard work. Even more so when the other nights I’m up 3/4 times with Bunny who seems to think sleep is for the weak- a full nights sleep anyway!
But when I first joined up this was the only time I could fit it round childcare for the girls- aka my husband is home and I can just about fit it in before he leaves for work.

Why do I do it?

Believe it or not I feel great afterwards (once the aching subsides…) and I’m not thinking of ways I can get out of it all day. I’m up and it’s done and dusted.

Am I not shattered?

Erm, yes! I absolutely knackered but I leave, get home, have a shower and then I feel re-energized and ready to take on the world… or my kids at least!

And the main reason, this…

So the first picture (on the left) is 12 weeks after giving birth and the second (on the right) is 7 months after and (about) 2 weeks into my training sessions.

My intention wasn’t to rush to shed the baby weight but unlike with the Wildcat I knew I wanted to get into shape as soon as I could. I didn’t even attempt it until the Wildcat was 18 months old but with Bunny I couldn’t wait until that first six weeks was gone and I could start exercising.
Only the exercising didn’t really happen. The motivation appeared in short bursts and a few sit ups here and there didn’t obviously do much at all.

Then I signed up for a Tough Mudder.

I went on a few runs and long walks and then the school holidays happened and they fizzled out.

I really wanted to get in shape- I really wasn’t enamoured with my reflection, particularly my arms, face and stomach. The areas where I only have to look at a carb for them to puff up like a balloon.
I also knew that if I didn’t do something this Tough Mudder that was looming closer was going to be the epic fail of all fails. Fact.

Did I get motivated? Nah did I f…!

Then my friend- also known as the oracle because she is all knowing on literally everything!!!- messaged me to say she’d started some personal training sessions and a programme called the 6 week body blitz.
Tough Mudder was six weeks off and I was starting to panic.
So I messaged this guy and booked in.

I wont lie, I was absolutely shitting myself. I am not a ‘gym person’ and definitely not at half six in a morning. I had no strength in my arms whatsoever and am a total clutz.


Here are my results six weeks in! As you can see I not only lost an inch on my waist and bits here and there everywhere else, my fitness has MASSIVELY improved!

The main thing is, I feel amazing when I look in the mirror even if I’m not necessarily at my target- I no longer feel crappy when I look at my reflection- and I actually enjoy going! Which is something I never, ever thought I’d say.

And, I completed Tough Mudder!!!!


I completed my 6 week body blitz and signed up for more (say what!) …I’m now on a monthly programme where we discuss new targets to set and achieve along with long term goals to be working towards.

This week I flipped a massive tractor tyre 50 times in under 5 minutes and I also fit back in my (pre-pregnancy) size 10 jeans.
Last week I dropped my eldest off at her dance class in a local gym and the thought of having to do exercise classes or independent gym sessions made my stomach churn!

I’ve noticed a big difference in myself if I miss a session- I really feel it in terms of energy levels, mood and how I feel about myself. Emotionally and mentally it has made such a difference- something that has really helped (along with a few other methods) my anxiety.

My motivation is still abit of a jerk and tries to play it cool but as I have to book my sessions with my trainer it has no choice but to show up and man up.
I need it to get through my sessions.

The gym is a ‘real persons’ gym. It’s none of this prancing about in front of the mirror and taking selfies. It’s not a leave with your make up in tact gym, its a show up with none on gym or leave with it melted down your face.
You work hard and get results. You’re supported, encouraged and not barked orders at. It’s actually really friendly- everyone supports each other and celebrates each other smashing their targets. Win-Win in my eyes.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress but for now I’m looking forward to going shopping – AW size 10 wardrobe here I come!!!!!