From the I’m Mama not Mummy Archives: Relish the charms of the present

July 2013

Daddy has brought me and the Wildcat breakfast in bed on his way out to work.

We are sat up in bed eating, (cereal bar for me and Weetabix breakfast biscuits for the Wildcat) when she lies her head on my lap and simply says

“you my best friend”

I will never, ever forget this moment.



From the I’m Mama Not Mummy Archives: I need a brother!

July 2013 (Obviously pre-Bunny)

So there we are sat at the breakfast table, when the Wildcat announces “I have a brother.”
The Wildcat is my first and only child, so I explain to her that no you don’t have a brother, to be told once again “I have a brother”.
I again explain that she doesn’t have a brother, she thinks for a minute, and then exclaims
“I neeeeeeeedd a brother!”

What would any other parent do in this situation? Your child is two and a half and adamant that if they don’t have a brother, they need one. Tricky situation right?
Daddy is at work, so in panic I say ask daddy, then realise that this is probably a bad idea. A very bad idea!! As much as we want more children, we are getting married next year and have one hell of a wedding to plan before any more little Wildcats appear. I don’t think Daddy will be overly impressed to be greeted home from work by “I neeeed a brother”.
So, after thinking rationally for a minute- or rather look out the window and see the dog innocently relaxing in his kennel, I decide my next plan of action…
“Marni can be your brother?” I tell her.
(Marni is the dog in case you haven’t clicked, Marni short for Armani!)
The Wildcat turns to look at him and then runs to the door. She shouts out “Marni, you want to be my brother?”
Crisis averted we can finish breakfast calmly with no more on the subject of ‘a brother’!!!


The Wildcat’s first job.

The Wildcat had her first little ‘job’ a couple of weeks ago at our local radio station The Bay. She took our puppy Kano with her for some moral support as she recorded an advert to promote tyre safety for my parents garage Westgate Tyres and GT Radial UK.

She got a photo with the DJ- Cooky (Who’s name she found hilarious- asking if she could eat him) and then a tour round.

What a fab experience at 5 years old! Not only is it a massive deal at this age to go into your local radio station and record your own advert- a real job- but this is an even bigger deal for me as her Mama because the Wildcat has been having speech therapy for a year or so now.

I always worry about her speech and that if I’m not there people won’t understand some of the stuff she’s saying. That people will deal with it in the wrong way if they can’t. I worry that it will knock her confidence and hold her back. We don’t make a big deal out of it but it’s always there at the back of my mind.

So to do this and for it to sound as adorable as it does, not only is The Wildcat UBER excited (her class even tuned in to listen) but I am UBER proud.
And because I am so proud I will choose to ignore the fact that my 5 year old daughter CONSTANTLY outshines me and my work!!!

All cuteness and jokes aside, there is a REALLY important message here that parents REALLY need to listen to and act on.

This isn’t a con or some marketing campaign for the garage (my other job in case you haven’t realised) to get more business- this is a raw and very true message about yours and your passengers – your children’s – safety.

Your tyres are the shoes for your car. They grip the road and stop your car when you hit the brakes (It’s not your brakes that stop you!!!) !
Any sort of damages or wear within a certain limit stops your tyres from doing their job. Protecting you and your passengers on the road.

All you need to do is have REGULAR TYRE CHECKS that SHOULD BE FREE (and very simple for someone who knows what they’re doing).

Please protect your priceless people … because after all, they are priceless. Unlike tyres.

#safetyressavelives #protectyourpricelesspeople #gtradialuk #Wildcatknows


August Round up

August has been a busy month for us with it being the summer holidays. Here’s a round up of what we’ve been up to…

The Selfie Queen

On our family day yesterday we went for a picnic at a beautiful picnic site in the lakes. Whilst we were there, the Wildcat decided to practise her photography skills… in the form of selfies!

The gormless selfie! (Daddy has obviously been practising his pout!!!)

The teeth selfie!

The tree background selfie!

One of my favourites: The sausage roll selfie!


The full-necked duck pout!

The smile pose vs the funny face whilst trying to get the lake in the background!

Personally, I think the sausage roll selfie (which was eaten entirely for photo purposes) could quite possibly take off as the newest selfie trend!

Everybody LOVES a selfie!