Baby Book Club

Baby book club is pretty much as awesome as it sounds!

A monthly subscription service from which you receive three hand chosen books a month for you and your baby to enjoy.
Seeing as Bunny (as most of you will know) is a hardcore book worm, reviewing March’s box was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse!

Everything was beautifully packaged, the box itself demonstrating that we weren’t going to be disappointed. The book’s were wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap with a little notecard welcoming us and explaining this month’s theme.
Bunny loves getting involved in opening … well anything… and this was no different.

March’s theme was Under the Sea and the books were fantastically colourful- something that instantly draws me to a book.
Bunny enjoyed exploring the books independently to begin with before she prompted me to join her and for us to read them together!
The books have since been read repeatedly (especially the ‘flip flap’ board book) and as the two picture books were suitable for a varied age range, the Wildcat was able to sit and enjoy story time too.

I absolutely love this idea as it’s not always easy to know what books to choose for your little one. I’m pretty savvy after working in a Nursery for a number of years but if you’re not up on your children’s stories it’s a pure minefield!!
The other thing I have to mention is the thought that has gone into the boxes, from the smallest details through to the theme and the products themselves.
You can immediately tell the care that has gone into choosing the books and piecing everything together. This is a top quality product which at £30 for a three month subscription is an absolute bargain.
There is even the option to give a subscription as a gift! How fantastic is that!!

Within this service there are so many little tips, quotes and ideas that also appear, you can’t not be enthusiastic about encouraging your little one to get stuck into a world of stories and discovering their imagination.

Checking out the website and the Facebook page is a must.


A pram revamp thanks to Gabe and Grace

Just before Christmas I was in touch with lots of businesses as part of my advent calendar giveaway over on my Facebook page. After chatting with one lovely lady in particular, she offered to send me a pram liner and pram hood lapelle (aka hood trim).

Anyone that knows me will know I jumped at the chance as it wasn’t just any pram liner and hood lapelle… it was lambskin and faux fur!
I had been eyeing them up since I found the page Gabe and Grace and was planning on treating myself, well the pram… *ahem* after Christmas.

Not only did they look absolutely beautiful, they looked so cosy and the lambskins help to balance baby’s temperature in changing weather- so despite being fluffy, they are perfect for any season!

I received my gift within a few days… and oh my!! It was packaged beautifully with some lavender and a wicker heart and the lambskin and lapelle were gorgeous. Enclosed was a card that simply said: ‘Thank you, You are appreciated x’ which was extremely heartwarming and made me feel fantastic.

Of course I put it straight on the pram and was absolutely made up with the results.


Bunny loved the feel of the lambskin when I put her in the pram with it on for the first time- I think it was a shock for her going from the Silvercross foam liner to this plush, cosy lambskin!
There are a range of colours available but after a tough decision, I went for this platinum grey lambskin and soft grey lapelle and the two compliment each other perfectly.

We are still using our lambskin and lapelle and I love it just as much as when we received it- this is by far one of my biggest recommendations for anyone that likes this sort of thing.

Thank you Gabe and Grace- I love your products!


Gabe and Grace are specialists in nursery lambskin products and only sell the safest and best quality merino lambskins. They use Merino lambskins as they are the softest wool fibres and regulate the temperature for your baby.
They are made to fit any pram, carry cot and some car seats and have bespoke harness slots.
Find them here at







You are ENOUGH Mama

You, Mama, are enough.

You may not feel like it- especially on the bad days. You may feel like you’re just getting by. Some days you might feel like you’re just simply surviving.
But why did you think that that is not enough?

You are enough.
Why do the winning days where you feel you’ve accomplished E V E R Y T H I N G have to be the enough days?
These should be the days where you’re amazed at all you’ve managed to do.

You are enough.

When did it get to this point? When did it get to us not being enough?
When did it get to us having to spin E V E R Y plate going to be enough?

Enough is getting out of bed in the morning. Enough is feeding your kids, and caring for them- meeting their basic needs. Enough is loving them. Enough is making the sacrifices for your kids that you do, that you don’t even think about, every single day. Enough is tucking them in at night after counting down the minutes to bedtime, then wanting to give them one more cuddle. Enough is wanting the best for them. Enough is losing your shit and then feeling guilty.

You are enough.

So when you look at ALL them other Mama’s who have got their shit together and are being all awesome, they are looking back at you and thinking exactly the same thing.
The only difference is we all have different shit going on a different times.

We N E E D to change the way we think. We need to loosen the pressure of ‘enough’ and focus on what it really means.
Where does this pressure stem from? …


We’re so frightened of not being E N O U G H and being judged for it that we’ve forgotten what enough means. We’re so frightened of not being G O O D enough and being judged for it that we’ve lost sight of what good enough is.
We’re SO frightened of doing it W R O N G that we try T O O hard to get it right.

Enough IS enough. Fact.

Who’s with me?


Red Beau Party Boxes Review

We recently got sent a birthday box from Red Beau for Bunny’s first birthday! Wrapped with a big red ribbon, it immediately caught her eye and she was very excited (and eager) to open it!


As we opened up the box, inside of the lid it said in big letters ‘Happy Birthday’ which was a lovely touch and instantly made me smile!
Full to bursting of goodies, Bunny loved getting stuck in to explore what was inside… which, I’m not going to lie, so did I!

So after we had a good route, inside there was:
* Pom poms
* Foam star stickers
* 4 Felt pens
* Balloons
* A party blower
* A bracelet that you can scratch using the writing tool to write/ draw on.
* A wooden fairy door to decorate
* Fairy dust
* (omg wait for this…) A unicorn horn. Yes you did read that right and I can confirm it is AWESOME!
* Party streamer


The only thing Bunny wasn’t keen on was the party blower- I have no idea why but she hated the noise!! The Wildcat of course took great delight in blowing it every now and then to annoy her…!

We had lots of fun not just exploring the box but playing with/creating everything inside for days (if not longer) afterwards. It was a brilliant birthday surprise!

Check out Red Beau @

There’s all sorts of different boxes available which all look amazing as well as some really good party blog posts. Go ahead and take a look- I can guarantee you will you find something that takes your eye!

It’s a big thumbs up from Me and Bunny!