From the I’m Mama not Mummy Archives: Relish the charms of the present

July 2013

Daddy has brought me and the Wildcat breakfast in bed on his way out to work.

We are sat up in bed eating, (cereal bar for me and Weetabix breakfast biscuits for the Wildcat) when she lies her head on my lap and simply says

“you my best friend”

I will never, ever forget this moment.



From the I’m Mama Not Mummy Archives: I need a brother!

July 2013 (Obviously pre-Bunny)

So there we are sat at the breakfast table, when the Wildcat announces “I have a brother.”
The Wildcat is my first and only child, so I explain to her that no you don’t have a brother, to be told once again “I have a brother”.
I again explain that she doesn’t have a brother, she thinks for a minute, and then exclaims
“I neeeeeeeedd a brother!”

What would any other parent do in this situation? Your child is two and a half and adamant that if they don’t have a brother, they need one. Tricky situation right?
Daddy is at work, so in panic I say ask daddy, then realise that this is probably a bad idea. A very bad idea!! As much as we want more children, we are getting married next year and have one hell of a wedding to plan before any more little Wildcats appear. I don’t think Daddy will be overly impressed to be greeted home from work by “I neeeed a brother”.
So, after thinking rationally for a minute- or rather look out the window and see the dog innocently relaxing in his kennel, I decide my next plan of action…
“Marni can be your brother?” I tell her.
(Marni is the dog in case you haven’t clicked, Marni short for Armani!)
The Wildcat turns to look at him and then runs to the door. She shouts out “Marni, you want to be my brother?”
Crisis averted we can finish breakfast calmly with no more on the subject of ‘a brother’!!!