When the crowd say Bo Selecta

At high school my best friend was a MAJOR Craig David fan. I was a fan myself but not as die hard as she was.
And that is how I ended up at my first concert.
I can still remember it like it was yesterday, there were 4 of us… My friend, her mum, her cousin and me. And he did the standard leaving the best song until last… walking off stage as if it had finished without singing it! As the crowd hears Fill Me In start they go wild (us included) and he appears back on stage.

I bloody love that song.

I had a giant poster I got from outside the MEN on my bedroom wall for years.
I’ve always listened to his music, re-wind being one of my favourites- my eldest daughter(now 6) loves that one. I remember a couple of years ago hearing her sat in her bedroom singing “when the crowd say bo selectaaa” and feeling very proud.

So when he appeared back on the scene, I was pretty excited. Then I heard 16 and knew this wasn’t some half hearted re-launch like the old school bands are doing… he was back! And I was absolutely loving it. I’ve lost count of how many times I watched the Radio 1 live lounge with Big Narstie.
He is actually more awesome than I remember.
My husband and the girls bought me his album and Craig David was soon blasting out of my car again.

Then I heard he was going on tour…

Just before I turned 29 I decided I was going to make a bucket list for the last year of my 20’s (as some of you will know), so how awesome would it be to go and see the first person I ever saw in concert!

So that’s what I did…!

Luckily, fellow Mam Squad member Stacey is also a Craig David fan, so whilst Laura and Sam went to drool over Olly Murs, me and Stacey went for the garage scene! 1999 Original crew members.
Dressed in Timberland style boots, ripped at the knee jeans, black top teamed with hoops and a chunky chain, I dressed as just that- a garage crew member.

What can I say, he brought it. And as much as I can’t believe I’m saying this, it was better than Beyoncé!!
A hardcore mix of old and new, as he said bringing the two generations of fans together, as well as some bare tunes thrown in there. Justin Bieber, Destiny’s Child- the set was absolutely awesome.
It was like being at a rave (right up my street) and despite having seats, we didn’t sit down for the whole 2 hours he was on that stage.
Big Narstie was pretty epic with my ultimate highlight from him being some Oasis- we were in Manchester after all!

I’m literally getting goosebumps now just thinking about it, which may seem a little extreme but honestly the atmosphere was amazing!

You know when some things are ‘just meant to be’ … well as I’m nearing the end of my 20’s journey (something that I’m struggling to come to terms with), thank you Craig David for reminding me of my youth, letting me re-live it and reminding me that I’ll never be too old to re-wind when the crowd say Bo Selecta.


craig david