Red Beau Party Boxes Review

We recently got sent a birthday box from Red Beau for Bunny’s first birthday! Wrapped with a big red ribbon, it immediately caught her eye and she was very excited (and eager) to open it!


As we opened up the box, inside of the lid it said in big letters ‘Happy Birthday’ which was a lovely touch and instantly made me smile!
Full to bursting of goodies, Bunny loved getting stuck in to explore what was inside… which, I’m not going to lie, so did I!

So after we had a good route, inside there was:
* Pom poms
* Foam star stickers
* 4 Felt pens
* Balloons
* A party blower
* A bracelet that you can scratch using the writing tool to write/ draw on.
* A wooden fairy door to decorate
* Fairy dust
* (omg wait for this…) A unicorn horn. Yes you did read that right and I can confirm it is AWESOME!
* Party streamer


The only thing Bunny wasn’t keen on was the party blower- I have no idea why but she hated the noise!! The Wildcat of course took great delight in blowing it every now and then to annoy her…!

We had lots of fun not just exploring the box but playing with/creating everything inside for days (if not longer) afterwards. It was a brilliant birthday surprise!

Check out Red Beau @

There’s all sorts of different boxes available which all look amazing as well as some really good party blog posts. Go ahead and take a look- I can guarantee you will you find something that takes your eye!

It’s a big thumbs up from Me and Bunny!




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