Mam Squad: Stacey’s Walks- Lancaster Canal

Feb 17
Lancaster Canal towards the Ridge

Today I decided I needed to get out whatever the weather.

I bought a Babybjorn One carrier when Arlo was first born and I think I have used it a total of one time! It’s a good carrier and is quite comfy but I always get anxious that he will kick off when I’m too far away from home to run back there. I had my mind set on using it and the rain wasn’t going to stop me.

I put him in it and he screamed and writhed around in there to the point where I nearly gave in and put him in his pram. With some encouragement from my other half we set off walking and low and behold he piped down! 

We usually walk along the canal from the White Cross towards Aldcliffe but today we went the opposite way. It’s a pretty nice walk once you get out of town and is pram friendly if you are using one. It’s completely flat which was a good job as carrying a stone around with you isn’t easy. It felt like I was pregnant again! The rain did make an appearance a couple of times but as the path is under the trees a lot of the way, it’s pretty sheltered. Arlo also had the pleasure of being covered by one of my coats so he was warm and dry. 

We walked as far as the aqueduct and turned around to come back on the same path. You can continue on or there is a path down to the River Lune. We’ve walked back along the Lune before but as I was still anxious about having the chunk strapped to me I wanted to come back using the quickest route. Although by this time he had fallen asleep. 

Considering it was a Saturday it was pretty quiet. There’s not a huge amount to see but as I am a lover of ducks, it keeps me happy!

If you want a nice easy walk that isn’t too far I would recommend this one. You can go as far as you like and just turn around to come back to same way if you want to. 



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