Happy FIRST Birthday Bunny


Dear Bunny,

On your FIRST birthday. Your FIRST EVER birthday.

Wow. Where has this year gone?!
That tiny, precious bundle is now a whirlwind of chaos and personality.
You never cease to amaze me. The way you pick things up so quickly. The words you already say.
So similar in looks to your sister yet so different in personality.
I already have to do a double take on pictures. And some days I’m suddenly transported back to five years ago- it’s honestly the weirdest feeling.

When you were born you brought sparkle with you. And you gave me my Mama confidence back. You taught me to trust myself and to have a voice for myself as a parent.
You make me smile and you create laughter every single day. Your chubby cheeks, that no person has yet been able to resist squeezing. Your fluffy hair that’s always in your eyes.
Your stare- that fearsome frown and the look you give people up and down.
The way you love us all so.

I could sit and watch you play and read your books all day long.

This big milestone is hard for me to take in. It’s been a year since that baby I so carefully grew inside me was born- that time has passed in the blink of an eye. You’re not so much a baby anymore.
It was so much easier second time around- I knew what I was doing with you. You get away with far more than your sister EVER did, I know that already.

I hope that you always use your strong nature to fight the second child syndrome that you automatically got tarred with. And I hope you always know that despite others not making as much effort because you’re our number 2, you are ALWAYS just as important to us as your sister is. ALWAYS just as loved and ALWAYS just as precious.

My gorgeous, little, scrummy Bunny, how you make my heart swell with pride.

Some people worry that they’ll never love their second baby like their first. I never worried about that ever because I knew I had more than enough love to go around and I never doubted for a second how wonderful you’d be. I was right.

Bunny you are very special, I hope one day you know just how much and that you’ll always know your worth. You will do amazing things my little one, you just mark my words!

Happy First Birthday Bunny Boo, please don’t grow so fast next year!

Love you for the whole of this lifetime and on into the next one…

Mama xxx


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