Before I hit the thumbs up

I’ve been reading blogs recently on how to grow your followers on social media so I thought I’d put my 2 pence worth in with what I look for before I follow a page.

I have all the usuals; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, A wordpress blog, You Tube and Pinterest.
My favourites are Facebook and Instagram. I rarely use my twitter, Pinterest only on a personal level for idea hunting and my blog and you tube when I get chance. I would love to have enough time to update these much more often but I just don’t. I am human after all.
I’ve given up trying to keep up to date on them all- it’s impossible when blogging/ The Non Perfect Parents Club are only my side line, as gutting as it is for me to say that. When I’m not working in my real job I have the girls and when I don’t have the girls, I’m working.

So I decided to just pick my favorites and concentrate on them.

But what do I look for before I hit the thumbs up or the follow button?

I’m pretty fussy.

I’m not into this whole ‘I’ll follow you and you follow me back’ type thing. What if you don’t actually like their page? And vice versa? You’re simply a number. And at the end of the day there’s not much point in having umpteen followers IF you don’t have much engagement because they don’t like your posts!

I love it when I find someone who’s local to me or near enough to know where my town is. I live in a small-ish seaside town where blogging/vlogging isn’t the norm. To see someone walking round with a camera would cause a flurry of interest and snecking.
There seems to be more bloggers that have appeared in the past few months but it still gives me a little excited squeak when I find a local one I didn’t know about.

Obviously I love a parent blogger. But there are soooo many of us now I don’t just hit the follow button immediately.
We all have our own styles and messages and I want to know that I’m getting your message and like your style before hitting that button.
I look for similar interests, aged children, fashion styles I like (both adult and child), quirkiness- anything really that makes me think ‘ooo I am loving that’!
You will have probably noticed that I use the word love ALOT. When I like something I love it or am loving it! That’s where you’ve reeled me in!!

I look for truth and realness. This is what I’m about and whilst I do like all these perfect looking pictures that are all set out the same, these aren’t real life.
Don’t get me wrong I do create a picture to a certain extent BUT I also like to capture some of the realness in the moment.
A few months ago I was all about the pretty, perfect pictures until I got a little bogged down by them and it made me question my Instagram especially. Then, I started to get annoyed by them and their perfectness… and actually unfollowed a fair few pages.
How do you all have time to set up all these shots?!

Totally contradicting myself now, a messy picture will put me off. When I say messy I mean flitty pictures- when there’s random pictures that don’t really follow any sort of pattern whatsoever.
I also have a major issue with badly cropped and edited photo’s. For ME, a picture has to look ‘right’. This is simply because I love photos- not just on social media but everywhere. Always have done.

Angry Posts. Keep your negative vibes for your personal pages. I don’t mind a bit of a rant, a debate sometimes but constant angry, ranty posts are a real kill joy. Step away from the post button!! … although saying that I do tend to only use my twitter when complaining to a big company (feel free to unfollow me!!!).

I love finding new or small businesses with products aimed at parents. This is totally selfish but I like the thought that I have helped someone out on the start of their journey. To be honest though, I do often get forgotten as they overtake me in the follower stakes and become a big name.

Handmade kids clothing pretties. Nothing else to say but I love them. If I follow your handmade clothing page, chances are I ‘window’ shop on your page regularly!! If you have a website, I will no doubt fill a basket quite often too but just never get round to actually buying it.

Excitable, happy, friendly people. For ME there’s nothing worse than a monotone, abrupt reply to something. Instantly dulls my day. Likewise boring posts- inject abit of passiona nd sparkle into what you’re doing! We’re all entitled to off, post block days but every post… c’mon sprinkle the glitter on it!!!

Engagement. It feel amazing when you cyber meet people and connect. Whether that’s through likes, conversations or shares. It feel great that someone’s obviously enjoying your posts and makes me want to do the same back… If I like their stuff of course.

I love to like. When I find things that I like, I’m not one of these silent social media people, I hit that button… because I like it!! That’s what you’re meant to do. There’s nothing worse when you run pages than people telling you “Oh I saw that, yeh it was really good.” .. ok, why didn’t you take that fraction of a second to let me know then, then I know whether to post stuff like that again?!

So there we have it; decide your message, your style and don’t forget to engage!


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