Aspirations for 2017

As we head into a brand new year I thought I would share some of my aspirations for 2017. I don’t make resolutions as such, but I do like to have some goals to achieve in mind just to give me that push when I’m feeling a bit bogged down by life in general!
By writing them down for all to see, not only can I keep coming back to them to refer to but I also feel like I’ve got to really try to achieve them as everyone else knows about them!!!


Generally I want to be more organised… this is one of my major weaknesses so I really want to work on this to help stop me from getting so stressed! There is quite a lot I need to do to be more organised so I’ll update you in a separate blog on how I plan on doing this!

Alongside being more organised in general, I want to manage my time effectively. Another one of my major weaknesses and this is why I don’t get half the things I want to done. I want to drop the faffing and just get shit done!
My husband always goes mad because he says I start a job then move onto something else before I finish it. Since he pointed it out I have noticed that I do actually do this quite a lot (don’t tell him I’ve admitted that!!!) so I’m aiming to stop this too!!

In order to be able to do the two things above I think I need to put down my technology more- i.e. my phone and iPad. This is probably the main reason that I get distracted and don’t accomplish half the things I want to but it is increasingly difficult to do this when its either my work or the only way I connect with people… Ooo that’s just given me an idea for a feature… !!!

This year, as a family, we want to see more of friends and make more plans with them! When my husband isn’t at work we have gotten into the habit of just being us, which is lovely, but sometimes it’s good to spend time together but with others too! I’m quite a social person so I get really agitated if I feel like we’ve not seen anyone when we’ve been off work. I’ve messaged our group to see if they want to do a ‘breakfast club’ once a month where we all meet for breakfast then go for a walk or do something (that doesn’t cost a lot) afterwards so I’m going to organise our first one soon!

I want to look in to, learn about and try to practice the laws of attraction and channeling positivity. This is something that really interests me and with having some larger, finance related goals this year I’d love to see if it really works! Also with having anxiety I can get bogged down by the monotonous routine of life and anything negative going on so I really want to focus on positivity rather than negativity this year.

I want to use my strength to not be frightened of confrontation, something that I’ve let affect me massively in the past. I also want to not let people and their actions drag me down and just focus on me and my nearest and dearest.

Stress less! I tend to get really worked up by things that I don’t need to so I want to let more things go, to just wash over me and just concentrate on what really matters!

Go to bed earlier! Me and my husband are in the habit of going to bed quite late and then we’re both up really early or in the night with Bunny so are ALWAYS tired. We’re going to make a conscious effort to go to bed at 10.30 pm every night. I have a feature on my IPhone clock where you can monitor how much sleep you’re getting and set an alarm for going to bed so we’re going to try and work out how to use it and hopefully it’ll give us that extra push to get to bed much earlier.



My main family focus this year is to make more memories!



work  After taking a year’s maternity I am now due back to work. (Arghh)

So… I want to focus on settling back in and finding my feet again as well as getting a good work/life balance and routine- something that I think is going to be quite tricky to start with. After being off for a year, it’s quite nerve wracking to be going back but I’m hoping that it’ll be much easier than the thought of it!

I am looking forward to my new role and want to plough into meeting my targets and goals within this role.

As the majority of my working hours are going to be done from home I really need to get this organisation and time management into place. I’m extremely nervous about fitting everything in without running myself into the ground and I know that I’m going to have to keep my mind really strong and really look after myself this year because of this.



The house is something that really gets to me and I struggle to keep on top of it so I am extra nervous about this with going back to work.

I want to have a massive de-clutter and freshen up of each room (something I’ve already started to put into plan) and go for a minimalistic approach in all rooms. We seem to accumulate SO much stuff that this makes it extra hard to keep everywhere clean and tidy. I’m thinking that if we keep our possessions to the bare minimum it will be much easier to maintain.

The biggie with the house is we want to move. We’ve essentially outgrown ours although we can still manage here but we are already looking into moving. I’m not entirely sure if this will be achievable this year but it is something we are looking into and finding out what we need to be doing to achieve it!



My main aim for this year is to get back in control of my anxiety and try and prevent it affecting me on a daily basis. After having a full summer where I managed to keep it at bay, the end of the year hit quite a low point with it. I’m keen to get myself back to where I was over the summer.


I want to carry on pushing forward with all my social media to do with The Non Perfect Parents Club, especially my Facebook page. I’ve really pushed this towards the end of the year and I feel like I’m finally moving forward with it. I’ve received quite a lot of positive comments and am really enjoying meeting new people and getting to know familiar names of people that are supporting me.

I want to try and do a few collaborations and work with some local businesses. I really love what I’m doing and promoting local businesses even more so. I love the buzz of connecting with like minded people and how we all help each other out. I ran my advent calendar giveaway throughout December and it was lovely to get messages of thanks from businesses that I’d helped get their name out there and hearing about orders they’d got from my posts!

I’m planning on doing some awareness projects, a couple of which I have already got lined up; One on miscarriage/stillbirths and premature births and one on Special Needs.
I also have a HUGE event that I’m going to be organising to celebrate how hard we work as parents and to acknowledge all what we do for our children. It will be the first of it’s kind in our local area as far as I’m aware and I’m very excited to make a start with that.

Blogging aims are to keep up to date with it as it often gets neglected when I’m busy. Within my blog I want to set up my first linky!
I have now set up a schedule for my You Tube channel, which will mean I am uploading a video every Sunday and will be sticking to my Facebook live feed every Wednesday at 8pm.

mind-body-and-soul I’m already a gym member (check out my fitness story here: ) so I want to keep on pushing myself at the gym and really concentrate on improving my fitness and getting in shape ready for the summer!!
I’m really looking forward to getting out in the fresh air, now we have the puppy, and enjoying some family walks!

I know that I’m really going to have to look after myself this year otherwise I will wear myself into the ground!! BUT, hopefully with all of the above put into place this will be manageable… and if not, then I’ll have to re-evaluate and lighten my load! I have a habit of taking too much on so I’m conscious that I might be biting off more than I can chew at the moment but we’ll soon see!
As I’m steaming towards turning 30, I’m still using this to keep me strong and say yes to lots of opportunities.

So, there we have it- Lots of aspirations for 2017 to think about and work towards!

What are yours?

2017 is a blank page… write a story to remember!


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