Meet Ann. She’s the most fucking irritating person I’ve ever met in my life.

Sometimes she’ll rock up unannounced and sometimes I’ll of known she’s coming beforehand. Either way she always causes trouble and pretty much makes my life, I wouldn’t say hell but, hardwork… unbearable… stressful…!

If you’ve never met her then you probably wont understand how exhausting she is- I don’t think anyone ever understands what she’s really like unless they’ve met her themselves. But even then she’s different when she’s with different people.
Some people try to hide the fact they know her- some are embarrassed by her and some just don’t like to mention her because people don’t get her. I find dealing with her exhausting enough without having to pretend I don’t know her aswell.
People just say well why do you still have her around, just get rid of her… like it’s that easy… ha!

When she’s around I can’t concentrate, my mind fuzzes over and everything is blurry. Sometimes she makes me so nervous that my heart races or my stomach churns. Or both. Together. At the same time.

She constantly questions me and makes me overthink everything. She makes me doubt myself when I know I have no need to. She makes me think the worst-putting ideas in my head. She makes me think thoughts that would have never crossed my mind had she not been around.

She sounds like a total dick doesn’t she. She is.

But how do you get rid of someone that is so persistent they wear you down. They make you believe that they’re right and you’re not. They make you insecure.
People say just ignore her. Stop worrying and just take a deep breath- she’ll soon go away.

It doesn’t work like that. It’s not that simple.
You can’t just get rid of Ann.


Ann Xiety as she is more commonly known was ‘friends’ with over 8.2 million people in the U.K back in 2013. More commonly friends with Women although it is important to note that this doesn’t mean Men are exempt from being her friend.
If she becomes overwhelming, speak to someone- anyone- get some sort of help. You don’t have to struggle with her on your own!





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