Bunny’s 9 month update

So we’re 9 months in… already! I can’t believe it!
I can’t quite comprehend my little Bunny is nearly one and doing all these new things!

Here’s a little update…


Today I have started trying to pull myself up on things. I also try to crawl round on my hands and feet (like Mowgli!). At the moment I really enjoy exploring with different toys, banging them on different surfaces to see what noise they make.


When it comes to food, I like what I like! I have never liked potato other than sweet potato but love most vegetables. After a few weeks being fussy and hardly eating anything, I am now doing really well with my meals.
I do have a tendency to want whatever food everyone else has- even if I’ve eaten and am full, I will still make a beeline/grab for other people’s food.
I absolutely love banana’s and yoghurt!


I have a big character and know my own mind already. This week I have loved snuggles with Mama and Daddy- I have really snuggled into their shoulders when they’ve had hold of me.
I make a beeline for phones or remote controls and know how to scroll on Mama’s iPhone- (Is this a good or bad thing!!!!!!).
I pick things up very quick and only have to be shown a couple of times.
I seem to really enjoy the baby groups that we go to- The Creation Station, Baby Sensory and Sling Swing. They are great for my social skills and all aspects of my development!







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