Never miss a chance to dance…

Over dinner, the neighbours will probably often hear me singing (or wailing is probably more apt) “Dinertimeeee because Bunny is hungryyy. She needs to eat it all up so that she’ll grow.” (Sung to the tune of summertime.)
If they look through our window they’ll often see me swinging one of the girls round on my hip, doing some ballroom type moves, wiggling and dancing or the Wildcat showing off her street dance moves.
We’re a very lively house in terms of music and dancing.

I never pass up an opportunity to dance so when Abi invited me and Bunny along to her first Sling Swing class at Lancaster I definitely didn’t refuse.

If you’re not sure what a Sling Swing class is, I wasn’t entirely sure either! I knew they were along the lines of dancing with your baby in a sling but that was about it. I’d seen the recent flurry of Facebook activity about these classes and that some were starting locally but with having a few other things going on and not having a sling myself I didn’t really look into it further.

I’ve been slightly apprehensive all week, not really knowing what to expect and if I’d fit in as I don’t own a sling, but this morning I was really excited. I love trying new things, especially with the girls and especially when it’s supporting local mums. I couldn’t wait to head there and find out more.

Upon arrival Abi (who had said she had spare slings for people who didn’t have their own to borrow) sorted me out with a sling and I got Bunny into ‘position’. Having just woken up from a short nap in the car and not used to being in a sling (although we have used one before) I think it took her a while to adjust. She is used to going to different places however and going to sleep in one place and waking up in another so she never bothers.


Once everyone (it was a full class, there were loads of us!) was ready, Abi ran through the moves in the first song before leading us into it.

As soon as I heard Rhianna, I knew me and Bunny were going to LOVE it.

The moves are fairly straight forward- nothing too complicated- and Abi did a quick run through of them before starting each song… I don’t want to give too much away so I wont go into them but think of a gentle Zumba class with your baby in a sling.
There were a couple of different styles of dancing and a range of music (which I loved) and Abi was a great class leader.

We did a few different songs with a variety of moves before slowing it back down and finally stretching.
Bunny (as I knew she would) seemed to really enjoy it and by the end was reaching out to grab my face, shouting and (my favourite part) snuggling into me on the cool down.

At the end of the session, Abi explained that if we wanted to book you didn’t have to attend every week and that she would mark off how many of your sessions you’d attended (a fab idea I think). Also that you are able to attend the sessions in Lancaster or Kendal and are not restricted to one place.

I have to say, despite my initial nerves and apprehension, I absolutely loved it. Abi was lovely and welcoming. The other ladies (it was all females this week) were very friendly and I had a REALLY great time.
Bunny enjoyed it and anything that gets us out and about, socialising and experiencing new things is all great for her development.
It didn’t feel like I’d been exercising because we were dancing and although I felt warm afterwards it wasn’t too strenuous and it really didn’t matter if you got the moves wrong.

In fact I enjoyed it so much that I have just booked us a block of classes!

Like I said, I never miss a chance to dance… !!

If you want to find out more check out;
The Sling Swing website:
Local Ladies- Lancaster/South Lakes area:











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