Woodland Painting

We spent the last week up at my parents caravan in the lakes. The site is a lovely rural, quiet site surrounded by woodland.

There’s lots of open space for the Wildcat to play and run free and numerous play parks along with a swimming pool to tire her out.

I’d planned a woodland painting activity to do whilst we were up there… I say planned, what I mean is I knew we were going to do it and I’d taken the paints, brushes and paper with me and hoped that somewhere in the woods we’d find somewhere to sit and paint.

It couldn’t have gone better.

We headed to the little shop on site to get some snacks for during the activity (sweets) and found some little paint pots that were ideal and much better than what we had brought with us.

In the woods, we followed the path and were about to set up camp when I decided to keep on looking.

We managed to find a perfect spot further on that was hidden (two people walked past and didn’t even see us!!!) and we had to climb through the overgrown branches to get to the tree I wanted to use.

It was perfectly shaped so that the Wildcat could prop her pad up to paint on it and place her paints on there too. There was even a gap to hold the cup of water and her brushes!

Hey presto, away she went.

Three paintings later she was done and reviewed the activity as Amazing!

We will definitely be doing that one again- massive Mama points for a half planned activity that was so easy to create!

Give it a go and let me see your pictures!




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