Who is she…

You may of seen me knocking around… on Facey, my favourite at the minute; Insta or even twitter or my other blogs.
But I wanted to start a fresh. A brand new blog, not just dedicated to the Wildcat, now we have Bunny aswell and not just dedicated to parenting but a blog abut everything… parenting, lifestyle, hopes, aspirations, likes, dislikes- pretty much anything and everything to do with my life.

But as always, I’m keeping it real.

I can’t stand fake or pretentious but I do like nice things. I do have expensive taste but I’ll tell it how it is. I like to think I have a normal amount of class and I don’t like to judge.

If you’ve already seen me around you’ll know I’m Emma; Mrs T and married to my Mr T, total diamond but like most men can be a total knob, as can I… We have two gorgeous girls; The Wildcat who is 5 going on 15 and Bunny who is 6 months. My first baby and our faithful hound is Armani the Staffy. I’m a MAMA not a mummy and lover of prosecco, cider, the Spice Girls and my all time favourites 5ive. A true 90’s girl!

We live by the sea and an hour away from the gorgeous Lake District, where me and the girls spend a lot of time at my parents caravan.
I love having a laugh, creating memories for the girls and dancing. Dancing is my all time favourite thing to do.

I have just entered the last year of my 20’s and am determined to make it memorable by doing numerous things to mark the journey into my 30’s.

My close family and my friends are my world. I am one of the most loyal people you will ever probably meet but disrespect me more than twice and I will cut you. Out of my life that is. I don’t need no haters!

I have suffered from anxiety for the past few years but thanks to a lovely lady named Hannah, I am on the mend and ready to take the world by storm again.

It’s good to be back in the blogging seat!












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